2013 | A big progress


I often discuss our project with my closest friends and place a high value on their advice and engagement. When I was in the process of preparing myself for the next action in Pakistan back in May 2013 we were surprised by a big donation. Thanks to this contribution we were able to help build 65 houses this year alone.

We first planed 17 houses on a plot of forgotten land. We planted a dozen trees and hedges and installed a water pump for the irrigation of the planned fields. We also planted the seeds for a particular kind of grass whose purpose it is to loosen the ground and reduce the amount of salt it contains.
In November of 2014 we planted the seeds for wheat, the main food source in Pakistan, on the four hectare plot of land. Today a few families who had lost everything and survived living in tents now live in that village.

For February 2015 we plan to help them create a vegetable garden and a fish farm. People living in rural areas of Pakistan are in desperate need of a sustainable models so as to be abel to stand on their own feet and shape their own destiny.
Architecture plays a crucial role in finding new ways of designing by incorporating local materials and building techniques, thereby minimizing not only the cost but most importantly the reliance on the economic situation. Sustainability, understood as an environmentally as well as socially responsible answer, therefor becomes the starting point of this architectural thinking.

11 more homes were build in Kotla Muglan. The second construction phase started at the beginning of November. Besides continuing to build the usual clay bricks we had been using all along we also started producing bigger clay blocks mixed with straw, which enabled us to build faster and at a lower cost. With those blocks we managed to help build 19 more homes in Kambershaha, Nalas-Salam, Baste Amdani and Kotla Mughlan.
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