2014 | A school is born


In a small village greatly damaged by the flood; Basti Malana, close to Kotla Mughlan, we helped build 11 houses.
We also helped erect more housing in Basti Amdani (Nala-Salam) fitted with sanitary installations and shelters to protect against the sun. That is where we also found a new task; the village has a lot of children who don't attend a class because the nearest school lies too far away.

Alla Divaya, who lives in that village, a competent and trustworthy man, offered his yard as a place to build a school because he felt compelled to help the children. Together we planed a big teaching space fitted with an outside area shielded by a Bamboo roof. Everyone in that village helped out with great enthusiasm, and the structure was completed within a week. Alla Divaya himself employed a teacher.

15 to 20 girls and boys now attend the school where they learn to write and read.
We also acquired the necessary writing utensils and continue to follow closely the development of the school.
All together we managed to help build 17 houses this year.

The goal remains the same: to acquire and spread the necessary know-how required to build stable constructions, by involving residents of flood affected areas into the process of rebuilding their houses, accompanied by skilled craftsmen, employed by the project, and neighbors, there on a voluntary basis. The project (thanks to donations) is able to cover the unavoidable expenses of some basic building materials such as concrete and burned bricks for strong foundations, wood for window and door frames as well as basic tools.

The hope is that this will enable the community to be more prepared against future natural disasters and to be able to rely on their neighbors and their own abilities even if the dire state of the economy is pushing them towards the margins. So far the endeavor has been able to help raise 121 homes since 2011 around the area of Multan, which had been very badly affected by the flood due to its position in the Indus river basin.
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