2015 | Progress has been made


This year we prepared the fifth construction phase well in advanced and arranged the production of 80 000 solid earth blocks consisting of a well defined mixture of earth sand and straw.
The small team of skilled craftsmen with whom we had worked in previous years to help rebuild better, flood resisting housing and teach locals the necessary knowledge to maintain their homes, was once again ready to join the project.Through their involvement those craftsmen help transfer valuable know-how to those in need of it, while overseeing the construction process.

Even though we disposed of a rather modest budget this year, we were still able to complete the construction of 27 homes in different areas around the city of Janpur, bringing the total number of all the constructed houses to 150.
Hygiene being an important issue in rural areas where the lack of proper sanitary installations due to bad planning, poverty and the recent flooding, has resulted in serious risks to the health of the people living in those conditions since the ground water often gets contaminated. We therefor spend a lot of effort into building sanitary installations which would avoid the spoiling of the ground water and the immediate environment as well.

We also got in touch with a local engineer interested in being involved in the project. He runs a well established business in Janpur building and selling all kind of electrical appliances. He offered to help us by providing sets of solar powered fans and lighting which we were able to integrate into 8 different homes.