Earth Home Project

A land area of 160.000 km² (nearly 20% of the country) was hit by the flood in 2010. The poorest regions were the ones most badly struck. 15 million people were affected and 6 million people lost their homes. For most of them it is strictly impossible to erect their houses on their own, the inflation in the cost of basic building materials forcing the few able to acquire a loan into debt for life, often resulting in the loss of their land.

It is those people, who have lost their home and a life in dignity through the in Pakistan prevailing injustice, poverty or flood, that we want to assist with “Earth Home Project”. In 2014 another flood hit the country. We help build flood resistant homes in cooperation with those affected by it.

Our goal is to acquire and convey the necessary skills and knowledge to build strong and sustainable houses so that those involved in the project are able to repair their own homes and those of their neighbors while we cover the unavoidable costs of some basic buliding materials and tools if necessary.

Following a detailed analysis laying bare the construction mistakes of the previous houses, we elaborated after seeking thorough advice from specialists, a design which makes use of both traditional construction techniques and local materials such as clay, straw, lime and bamboo.

163 homes stand ready