Progress has been made

This year we prepared the fifth construction phase well in advanced and arranged the production of 80 000 solid earth blocks - consisting of a well defined mixture of earth sand and straw – well in advanceThe small team of skilled craftsmen with whom....

Eltern und Kind vor der kleinen Schule aus Lehm Architektur fuer Maedchen und Jungs Pakistan

A school is born

In a small village greatly damaged by the flood; Basti Malana, close to Kotla Mughlan, we helped build 11 houses. We also helped build more housing in Basti Amdani (Nala-Salam) fitted with sanitary installations and shelters to protect against the sun...

Rot Bambus Lager in Janpur Pakistan fuer Traditionelles Bautechnik Earth Home Project

2013: A big progress

I often discuss our project with my closest friends and always place a high value on their advice and engagement. When I was in the process of preparing myself for the next action in Pakistan back in May 2013 we were surprised by a big donation...

Weizenfeld im Sonnenuntergang mit Roten Traktor und Menschen bei der Arbeit

The next step

The modest success we obtained the previous year, where we managed to build 21 homes, gave us the courage to continue. So we proceeded to register our NGO «Earth Home Project» in Hamburg. Thanks to the contributions from Michaela Waldenmaier...

Nachbarn helfen mit das Fundament zu legen Selbsthilfe Wideraufbau nach der Flut 2010 Pakistan

The beginning

Can you recall? During the sommer of 2010 a fifth of Pakistan was hit by the worst flood the country had seen in decades. Around 30 million people, most of them in some of the poorest regions, were affected by it. Around 6 million lost their homes. It is those...