Irshad Balouch
Irshad Balouch, Project initiator,
did not hesitate to initiate back in 2010, the year of the flood catastrophy, an immediate emergency assistance to those in need in his homevillage in Pakistan which had been completely destroyed. He created the NGO EARTH HOME PROJECT and together with a volonteers helped manage the construction of 123 homes as of November 2014. Irshad Balouch is restaurateur in Hamburg where he runs the Balutschistan restaurant.

Arne Gröndahl, Lawyer,
visited the villages of Gujhra and Zar in Pakistan together with Irshad Balouch right after a flood which hit the country almost 20 years ago. He is a member of the organization and helped get the project on his feet.

Christian Noch, Painter and art teacher,
is also member of the organization and has been closely following the project since the beginning.

Michaela Waldenmaier, Communication designer, and Gernot Meinel, Dipl.-Ing. Architect,
develop the communication design, texts of the project and give advice on public relations work.

Michael Cordes, Building biologist, H.J. Mordhorst KG,
expert on construction materials, always ready to share his knowledge.

Jens Seyer, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt,
followed the construction design and planning right from the start.

Pierrôt Hoepfner, Filmmaker,
accompanied the project in 2011 and documented the developments on camera.

Detlef Span, Painter and designer,
gave new life to the project with his helpfull ideas.

Nepomuk Derksen, Initiator of the organization "Bunte Kuh e.V", Hamburg,
inspired the project with his experience of cultural education in the area of architecture/artistic creation.

Rosemarie Hansen, Teacher at the Raphael Schule in Hamburg,
organized information events and fundraising at her school.

Hella Bellin-Fischer, Dipl.-Psychologist,
organized charity concerts at the Martin-Luther evangelical Church in Buchholz.

Axel Hohenegger, Accountant,
is in charge of the book keeping and helped create the organization.

Ashraf Khan, Sitar-player,
holds charity concerts for the project.

Camille Bonhert, Plasterer, and Tobias Marisa, Woodworker, both are specialized in green construction,
share their know-how and experience regarding construction with clay.


Shahbaz Balouch, Projectleader,
is responsible for the correspondance and logistic in Pakistan.

Allah Bakhsh, lives in Guhjra,
always ready to contribute and share his skills in construction.